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Options and change requests
Your go-to tool for handling all bits and pieces for your multi-layered projects
Quality management
Handover and inspect homes - all in one platform
Everything you need to handle warranty cases and documentation, too
Customer quotes
“We have tested various solutions over the years and find that Rubus has a unique platform that is both highly flexible and meets existing and future needs. We are also impressed by how the team works and their ambitions, which is why it is natural for us to collaborate closely with Rubus.”
Mårten Skällenäs
Direktør i Backe Entreprenør AS
“Rubus has made our everyday life much easier when it comes to the option process and handling of complaints. But perhaps most importantly, our customers have been given a very intuitive and good portal to relate to, from the start of the building phase and all the way into the complaint period. In addition, they are easy-going and solution-oriented - and an incredibly good partner for us”
Merete Medle
Leder Kundereisen, Peab Eiendomsutvikling AS
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