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OBOS and Rubus reach 10 projects!
🏠 Obos uses Rubus solutions for inspections and handovers, as well as facility management and claims handling, and we have just surpassed 10 projects live on the Rubus platform.

📊 Rubus Analysis Aftermarket is a module integrated into the Rubus platform that provides valuable insights and analysis, which were previously impossible to perform without extensive manual work. Obos has been using this module since the fall of 2023, and it gives them better oversight and insight into their projects, as well as a better basis for decisions that lead to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

👥 Obos's high ambitions make them a valuable partner for further development for us at Rubus. It is especially exciting to have users like Mari Mette, who has already become proficient on the platform in such a short time.

🙏 We look forward to continued good cooperation.