Modernize your customer journey
Provide your homebuyers with a modern buying experience; from when they sign with you, through moving in and until the warranty period expires
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A modern home-buying experience while saving costs.
Digital handovers for an optimal customer experience and seamless processes
Deliver digital homeowner handbooks and handle warranty cases to keep your homebuyers happy after they move in.
Bringing peace of mind to your projects
Happy homebuyers
Modern buying experience
Unique insight into your projects
Change management
  • Options
  • Changes
  • Communication
  • Product Catalog
  • Project blog
  • Documents
  • Access control
Quality management
  • Easy overview
  • Assign tasks & follow up
  • Flexible checklist and protocols
  • Full oversight for all tasks
  • History log
  • Synchronized with management / aftermarket
  • Easy distribution and history in the system
  • Warranty matters
  • Delegate & follow up warranties
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Project blog
  • History
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