The best recipe for the best processes
Simplify communication, delegate tasks, and ensure seamless collaboration among all parties involved in a construction project.
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Save time and money on processes for home customization in your multi-layered projects
Enable digital inspections and handovers using digital protocols
Deliver digital homeowner handbooks and handle warranty cases with ease
All-in-one basket kind of platform
Increased efficiency and profitability
Improved processes
Reduce mistakes and rework
Change management
  • Options
  • Changes
  • Communication
  • Product Catalog
  • Project blog
  • Documents
  • Access control
Quality management
  • Easy overview
  • Assign tasks & follow up
  • Flexible checklist and protocols
  • Full oversight for all tasks
  • History log
  • Synchronized with management / aftermarket
  • Easy distribution and history in the system
  • Warranty matters
  • Delegate & follow up warranties
  • Documentation
  • Communication
  • Project blog
  • History
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