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Tornstaden chooses Rubus
During the fall, Rubus was entrusted as a system supplier to Tornstaden, among other things, in administration of interior choices and management of change requests from homebuyers.

About Tornstaden
Tornstaden Tornstaden is a construction and real estate conglomerate that offers the entire value chain, from idea to completed projects, through its three business areas: project development, construction, and real estate, all under one roof.

Founded in 2005, Tornstaden is now one of the largest construction players in western Sweden. Since the fall of 2015, they have been established in Stockholm, and since the spring of 2018, they have also been in Malmö. Tornstaden wants to preserve the traditional role of the master builder in a modern version, where professional skill, responsibility, quality, and business acumen are important watchwords.

Tornstaden has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 2.3 billion and began construction of housing number ten thousand (10,000) in 2022. Approximately 5-10% of Tornstaden's projects are built in-house. ‍ Rubus & Tornstaden Rubus was entrusted as a system provider to Tornstaden during the fall, including in the administration of interior design choices and handling change requests from homebuyers.

We spoke with Caroline Damm, Project Developer at Tornstaden Project Development, about why they chose to work with digital options, the collaboration between Tornstaden and Rubus, and the Hovåsängen project.

Caroline Damm, Projektutvecklare på Tornstaden Projektutveckling

Caroline Damm, Project Developer at Tornstaden Project Development, said, "Managing options is generally a complex process, so it's challenging to have simple systems."

What advantages do you see in having a digital system for option management?
-It's better to have a digital solution for both our customers and us as a company. It becomes easier to manage changes and updates administratively, but also to keep homebuyers informed. Lead times are shorter, and the risk of errors is reduced. Having everything collected digitally, in one place, provides a good overview of the projects and contributes to faster processing. It is easy to export lists and documents for procurement, invoicing, and construction when the time comes. Everything is saved, and we can trace events in the history log. It makes it easy to see what we have agreed with customers, for both us and them.

With digital signing directly in a system, it becomes efficient and clear, even from a legal perspective. Many customers want to be able to sit at home and read about possible interior design choices, think and click themselves. They often come to us physically to see and feel different materials, but having a personal digital home page contributes to a more time-efficient process. Having good digital tools becomes particularly important in larger projects.

Why did the choice fall on Rubus?

Partly the timing was good, you had resources to quickly help us with what we needed with a tight schedule.

You are also in an exciting expansion phase where we as a customer can participate in influencing the development and being part of the journey.

If you have experience with similar systems, is there anything that stands out about Rubus?

-What stands out so far is that you are incredibly present in the work with the projects, which is a great comfort.

Your commitment is worth gold! Support cases are handled quickly, and we have not experienced any bugs in the system, which is great. You are responsive, and we notice that we get a hearing when we have questions and concerns.

Managing options is generally a complex process, so it's challenging to have simple systems. Rubus' tools are perceived as very flexible; you can do incredibly much. It is possible to handle all different types of configurations, projects with, for example, many different stop times, unique choices for different homes, or other conditions that need to be specified per home. It feels like the potential is enormous, even if the system is already well-developed today.

"Your commitment is worth gold!"

Brf Hovåsängen in Hovås

Hovåsängen is a premium project with a fantastic location outside Gothenburg, right by the sea. As a homebuyer, you are offered exclusive and high-quality interior design and the opportunity to largely influence the design of your future home. The options are many, and in addition, buyers are allowed to customize the interior further by adding their own choices and other changes to their homes.

Customers can submit change requests in the system, and we can easily put together an offer and submit an offer to the customer, which they then sign digitally directly in the system, Caroline explains.

Hovåsängen is the first project Tornstaden has chosen to manage in Rubus. Tornstaden has access to the entire Rubus platform for collaboration and communication between the client, contractors, suppliers, and homebuyers around options, inspections, and after-sales.

Homebuyers get a comprehensive customer journey through their personal home page, from the moment of purchase, through the interior design period, to the digital home folder and throughout the warranty period.

We at Rubus are grateful for the trust we have received and very proud of the collaboration with Tornstaden!