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Communication and collaboration are key to a successful construction project.
The key to a successful construction project is communication and collaboration among all parties involved.

Large projects involve many subcontractors and suppliers on our platform, ranging from kitchen suppliers to locksmiths.A subcontractor can establish their own profile on our platform and use their own product catalog across projects. This makes it easy for both the general contractor and subcontractor to collaborate on the project. We currently have more than 600 subcontractors on the Rubus platform.

We were curious about this and had a quick chat with Fabian Bruvik, department manager for Heikki Bruvik AS / Låssenteret AS in Bergen.

Heikki Bruvik provides physical and digital locking systems for large and small projects in Bergen and the surrounding area, and has used Rubus on Sandslikollen. "Rubus gives us a good overview and simplifies the job for project managers and installers. Especially in large projects, communication is key to delivering the right product at the right time," says Fabian.

If you would like to learn more about how Rubus simplifies collaboration and communication in construction projects for everyone from locksmiths to contractors, please feel free to contact us at lars@rubus.io, martin@rubus.io, mathias@rubus.io."